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Foggy Glass Repair

Glass Doctor can replace Just the Glass in a Fogged Window!

Glass Doctor can save you money by replacing Just The Glass in your foggy windows for a lot less money than you might think. The insulated glass units in your windows are made from two pieces of glass that are sealed together with an airspace between them. When the seal fails, moisture begins to infiltrate the unit. Eventually the unit becomes “foggy”. This ruins your view looking out and eventually looks horrible to everyone who sees your home.

A Glass Doctor window specialist can very easily replace the glass restoring the beauty of your home, with a lifetime warranty against seal failure. This is less expensive than replacing the windows in your home, and it retains the original look of your home.

If you want to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home, we can provide you the most energy efficient Low-E insulate glass units available installed into your existing windows. As a result your home’s air conditioning and heating system will run less, saving energy and money. This will also make the temperature inside your house more balanced and your home will be more comfortable.

If window replacements are a necessary or better choice, your Glass Doctor window specialist can review your options with you.

Foggy Glass Repair just the glass
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